Başvuru Mektubu Örneği (İngilizce)

March 1, 2006
Sibel Erdal
Human Resources Manager
Çalık Energy
Akplaza, Yaşam Caddesi
No:7 Kat:4 06510 Söğütözü / Ankara
Dear Mrs Erdal,
Please accept my enclosed resume for the position of Account Manager as listed on the Net-Temps. I have been following Acme Products in the news for some time, and I am excited that such an opportunity has presented itself.
In my previous position at the Atılım Group, I continually proved myself to be a qualified account manager with the ability to work with the customers for their overall satisfaction while developing smaller accounts into larger ones. This involved considerable negotiations and correspondence between the Internet Store and its customers. + I believe that this experience combined with my organization and communicative skills makes me the ideal candidate for this position.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be pleased if I am provided with an opportunity to have an interview.


Meltem Özalp

Örnek 2


May 10, 2005

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to apply for the position of Project Assistant  in your project “Establishment of the New Turkish Probation Service”.

I graduated from the Department of International Relations,  Atılım University in Ankara in 2002. While studying for my bachelor’s degree, I worked as an intern in the  TRT Morning News in order to improve my translation skills. Later, I was employed as an executive assistant by a small veterinary equipment firm called GAND, where I improved my communication and research skills considerably. Following my graduation, I attended the Euro-Mediterranean Master’s Programme in Public Policy and International Business, offered by the University of Bologna, Italy. As part of the requirements for this degree, I completed the courses of “statistics, management and research methods”. As a scholar of the EU, I have also studied the European Union’s management, policy making and European law. Having completed my masters in Italy, I practiced what I had learned in theory, and completed my internship in an international publishing group. This experience improved my writing skills in reporting, as well as official communication with governments, associations and companies. In addition to this, I found a unique environment in which to improve my language skills; besides English, I am now proficient in spoken and written Italian, and I have been studying French for the last seven months. At present, I am working in a consultancy company.

Furthermore, I have been working voluntarily for the Rotaract Club for the last four years, and I am the Secretary General of Ankara Rotaract Club. The Club formulates, manages, and evaluates projects on social, educational and environmental issues. I was the project leader of our last organization titled; ‘Fashion and Art Hand-in-Hand for Children’, for which we won the ‘Best Public Relationship Award of 2004’ among all the Rotaract Clubs. From my perspective, working within emotionally and physically challenging conditions enriches my organization, communication and administrative skills considerably.

I am dynamic, easygoing and cheerful with a strong academic background in both international relations and business. I have studied the EU policies and administration, and I have experience on EU projects. It is my opinion that I can apply the combination of my knowledge and experience as a project assistant.

I wish to thank you for your time and consideration. Please find attached my CV. If you need any clarification or further information, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or phone at (+90.312……..).


Kind Regards

Cansu Çiğdem Aydın